Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trophy Bag Cooler Now In Bass Pro Shops

Bethany, Oklahoma-- After being available at Bass Pro Shop Online for only a few weeks, products from Trophy Bag Kooler, LLC are making it onto Bass Pro shelves in Grapevine, Texas.

According to company President Steven Glass, "We are excited about getting our product onto Bass Pro Shop shelves and hope that more stores will soon follow suit. Our Trophy Bag Kooler™ and The Game Fresh System™ are rapidly gaining popularity both in online sales and at smaller retail outlets. We feel that as sportsmen learn more about our product both through Brad Lockwood, the award winning processor and host of OutDoor Edge Knives, Love of the Hunt TV Show and from hunters nationwide using the products in the field, they are realizing what a great system we have. We are both excited and honored with our association with Bass Pro Shops."

The Trophy Bag Kooler™ lets hunters put their harvested game into a cooler bag that can be cooled down to 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with our KoolerGel™ or bagged ice. Keeping your harvest cool will also ensure that the animal will be ready for the taxidermist by preventing slippage of hair on the hide. In addition, the Trophy Bag Kooler™ will help prevent flies and others bugs from getting to the animal. The Trophy Bag Kooler™ is uniquely designed with an innovative Thermal Radiant Barrier Energy Shield that has antimicrobial properties which provides added protection to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The bag cleans-up easily with soap and water. The bag is constructed out of a durable polyester outer shell and comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Mossy Oak Brush and RealTree APHD camouflage patterns. Two sizes are available, Regular for small bucks, does, and antelope up to 140 pounds, and Large for bucks over 140 pounds and a quarter bag for larger game, such as elk and moose.

For more information regarding the Trophy Bag Kooler™ or The Game Fresh System™, please visit: Hunters can also find the products at Bass Pro Shops' website