Friday, September 4, 2009

Rifle Reel and Magic Dust Rolled Out

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS - Two new products designed for the safety of hunters and game recovery are now available in stores and on-line. Created and engineered by Wayne's Wicked Enterprises, Inc., the Rifle Reel® and Magic Dust® product lines are original and first to market of their kind.

The Rifle Reel is an automatic adjustable strap for rifles, muzzleloader, shotguns of all kinds, and even crossbows. Magic Dust is glow in the dark dust that is "puffed" into the air to aid in stalking and recovering game during no or low-light hours of hunting.

"Both of these products have been designed to help hunters," said Wayne Woolsey, president of Wayne's Wicked Enterprises, Inc. "Of course, our customers are talking about their 'cool factor,' but honestly, whenever we develop new product concepts, we are always looking to help hunters in two ways specifically - to make hunting as safe as possible and to help hunters more effectively stalk and recover game. If we can do that, we know we are making a difference in the industry."

The Rifle Reel

"When we designed this product we were thinking about how unsafe it can be to hoist, lift and lower a rifle from an elevated stand," said Woolsey. "This is especially true for muzzleloaders which cannot be easily unloaded in the field unless shot. The Rifle Reel is a safety system incorporating a hoist ring that will make elevated tree stand hunting even safer."

Master instructors of the International Hunter's Education Association, have field tested the Rifle Reel and Barrel Bumper and have given it the highest compliments and accolades for its safety factors and innovative approach. As of 2008, the IHEA is using the Rifle Reel as a teaching tool during hunter education classes to help reduce the number of accidents due to:

* Un-customized fit while firearm is being transported;
* Unsafe methods while hoisting firearm into elevated stands;
* Dropping firearm from elevated stands;
* Failure to identify target;

Foreign objects (i.e, mud, debris) in the barrel of firearm;

* Sling catching on objects because of it always hanging down;
* Being seen in no/low light wile transporting game and firearm out of the woods;
* Keeping black powder rifles from getting moisture in barrel while carrying it in the muzzle up position; and/or
* Used as visual aid for hunters to be aware of a loaded black powder rifle.

The Rifle Reel is engineered to pull evenly on the forearm and rear studs while hoisting and lowering a rifle into an elevated stand. It also provides added convenience and safety when two hunters are carrying the same firearm, like with guided hunts.

"Most hunters don't want to take the time to manually adjust the strap. This alone leads to accidents," said Woolsey. "The Rifle Reel makes this quick and easy to do. You simply press a button and adjust it to the length you want."

Other features of the Rifle Reel include:

* It is easier to assemble than traditional slings. There is no adjusting necessary;

* A button is pressed and the sling is reeled to the hunters length of preference or tight against rifle;

* An additional feature of the Rifle Reel is the Barrel Bumper and Wrist Lanyard. The Barrel Bumper is a clip that is positioned over the barrel of the firearm when lowering it to help in two ways:
o cushions the impact made by a gun when hitting the ground; and
o prevents dirt or debris packing in the barrel of the gun.

* The Barrel Bumper glows in the dark to provide added depth perception while hoisting a firearm up or down an elevated tree stand during low light conditions;

* By clipping the Barrel Bumper onto the barrel of firearm when transporting game through the woods during low light conditions, it can greatly reduce being mistaken for an animal/game since the Barrel Bumper glows;

* The Wrist Lanyard connects to your wrist and the hoist ring of the Rifle Reel to prevent a firearm from being dropped. It will cost approximately $9.00;

* The Barrel Bumper cost will be approximately $9.00;

* The Rifle Reel cost will be approximately $27.00 in finer outdoor sporting good stores; and

* The product is also available for purchase at

Magic Dust

Magic Dust has been designed to check wind directions and thermals during the night or day; mark blood trails; determine exact shooting distances and mark a hunter's trail or the trail of game.

"We created this with the hunter in mind, especially for archers," said Woolsey. "But we can naturally see hikers, scouts, the military and just about anyone who spends time in the outdoors using it. It has a lot of versatility"

The design features of Magic Dust include:

Scent-Free and can be reactivated indefinitely;

* It can be placed in a plastic, accordion-shaped, reusable container called the "Activator";

* The Activator is squeezed together from top to bottom and the "dust" is pushed - "puffed" - out;

* The dust is unique because it glows in the dark by phosphorescence. It is activated by the ultraviolet wavelength of a small light positioned at the bottom of the activator; and

* Sold separately are Hanging Indicators that can be used to mark distances, trails, or location to let other hunters, not game, know you are in the woods; and

* Put in scrapes to see when and where deer are moving.

* Add to feather waterproof powder to make arrow fletching glow in the dark. No problems if the arrow stays in animal because the Magic Dust is leaving a trail for you. As the animal runs the powder is falling off to assist in tracking.

* Mix Magic Dust into paint, arrow dip or fingernail polish and use it to paint arrows, sights, release, tree stands/steps or anything you want to glow to help recover gear or game during nocturnal hours.

* The cost will be approximately $10 for Activator and $12 for Hanging Indicators.

Wayne's Wicked Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Wayne Woolsey and is based in Fayetteville, Ark. The company tagline is "This Ain't Your Grandpa's Gear," because it is dedicated to making state-of-the-art, first-to-market firearm safety and game recovery products. Information can be found on about these products and more.