Thursday, May 16, 2024

Pnuma Outdoors Launches New Camo Pattern and Product Line

New CAZA™ OV Camo Pattern and Innovative Gear Lineup Coming Summer 2024

Pnuma Outdoors, a leading innovator in outdoor hunting gear, is excited to announce the launch of its latest camo pattern, CAZA™ OV this Summer. OV stands for Optimum Versatility and this pattern earns that distinction with exceptional concealment from rocky terrain spot and stalks to late season elevated whitetail hunts, introducing cutting-edge features that make it vital for every hunting experience.

CAZA™ OV utilizes a unique blend of colors that mimic the sky peeking through tree branches and lichen on tree trunks. This innovation creates macro shape and micro texture disruption, offering an unprecedented level of concealment for hunters at both long and short distances. This effectively breaks up the human form and distorts prey’s depth perception and peripheral vision.

“What sets CAZA™ OV apart is its versatility across various terrains,” said Joe Haddock, Director of Product Development for Pnuma. “When we started testing CAZA™ OV in the field, we noticed that it not only performs for treestand hunting, but also in many other big game environments. CAZA™ OV seamlessly blends against rocky terrain and open areas free of leaves and foliage. Adaptability makes this pattern the perfect fit for hunters across a variety of landscapes.”

In addition to the launch of CAZA™ OV, Pnuma is proud to introduce over 25 brand new products that provide a feature rich, technology driven line up that spans from warm early season treks all the way through the most frigid late season sits. To keep you out in the field even longer Pnuma is also launching 2 new Technologies. PnumaDry™ is an innovative waterproof breathable barrier that locks rain and wind out while allowing perspiration to escape, while PnumaBlock™ is an unparalleled wind protection that blocks even the harshest winter gusts. Combined with quiet, lightweight materials, zoned insulation, and premium Polygiene OdorCrunch™ and StayFresh™ technologies, Pnuma keeps you undetected no matter where your pursuit takes you.

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