Thursday, March 2, 2023

Daniel Defense Named the Official Bolt Gun of the 2023 Precision Rifle Series Season

West Bend, WI. – Precision Rifle Series (PRS) LLC., the preeminent precision rifle organization in the world, dedicated to the promotion and growth of the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting, is thrilled to announce Daniel Defense as the 2023 Official Bolt Gun of the Precision Rifle Series.

We are proud to welcome Daniel Defense as the 2023 Official Bolt Gun of the PRS. The Daniel Defense team has been hard at work over the past few years focusing on developing and producing the DELTA 5® bolt-action rifle. Their forward-thinking engineering and commitment to accuracy are strikingly evident in the next evolution of the DELTA 5, the DELTA 5 PRO. Newcomers to long-range shooting, who seek camaraderie with friends, will find immediate success getting on target with repeatable hits. More experienced competitors will discover the DELTA 5 PRO’s rich feature set out of the box, which is more than capable of performing as the shooter’s skill level advances. The DELTA 5 PRO meets PRS Production Division requirements with an MSRP of $2499 and features a one-of-a-kind thumb rest that’s configurable to each shooter, whether right or left-handed, a toolless configurable buttstock, Area 419’s HELLFIRE Muzzle Brake, and a long list of other custom enhancements.

PRS competitor and Daniel Defense design engineer Daniel McLeroy said “After having worked in manufacturing engineering on our AR-style rifles, Marty Daniel asked several of us engineers to design a bolt action rifle. After immersing myself in the bolt gun world, we launched the original DELTA 5® in January 2019. After getting even more involved with the PRS series, it became clear that we needed to introduce a chassis gun and that’s what we did with the DELTA 5 PRO. Basically, we took the DELTA 5 and asked ourselves, what can we do to crank this thing up to 11?” McLeroy explained. “We still wanted to have that ergonomic feel, so we have a thumb rest to get your strongside thumb in the right position, and an interchangeable AR15-style grip so you can make it exactly what you want. The cheekpiece and butt pad system can change pretty much to any degree, so every time you lay behind the gun you have the perfect eye relief. You’re not fishing for it—it’s right there.”

“The DELTA 5 PRO also takes some of the expense intimidation out of PRS competition shooting because of its price point. But, at the same time, it gives you the confidence of knowing you have a rifle capable of doing what very expensive rifles do.” The customizable DELTA 5 PRO may be the perfect gun for those just starting out in PRS events because it can adapt to, and evolve with, a shooter’s skillset and check one very big box during competitions.

Given Daniel Defense’s long-standing history of outstanding firearms production, the PRS also looks forward to working with the Daniel Defense team to successfully leverage the partnership to directly support membership, elevate national pro series competitions, and grow the sport. The PRS will host 40+ of the most renowned national-level precision rifle competitions in the nation, with the 2023 PRS Finale taking place November 3-5th in Medicine Lodge, Kansas at the Twin Peaks Rifle Club, where Daniel Defense will be sponsoring the event.

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