Wednesday, October 14, 2020

White Label Armory Home Builder’s Parts Kit

Everything you need to maintain a safe full of AR-15 style firearms

Lake Zurich, IL — If you have an extensive AR-15 style rifle collection at home, you need the White Label Armory Home Builder's Parts Kit. This kit contains every small component necessary for keeping your personal armory running.

“The Home Builder's Kit is perfect for everyone, from avid AR builders and preppers to that go-to guy at the range. It also comes with significant savings over buying parts individually,” Randi D’Ambrosia, Marketing Director.

Parts Right Where You Need Them

Parts right where you need them, when you need them. From magazine catch buttons to crush washers and hammers, you'll have all the essentials in one convenient place. No longer worry about going down in the event of a parts break. The White Label Armory Home Builder's Kit will keep you running, so you're never caught with a dead rifle.

Packaging Designed to make Storage Easier

Not only are all components 100% made in the USA, but they also come in an organized and clearly labeled container. Sifting through a drawer or box of small unorganized parts to find the right spring, pin, or washer is a thing of the past. With our convenient, organized storage container—holding 283 small AR components—you'll quickly and easily find all the small parts crucial for every home builder.

About White Label Armory

Founded in 2019, White Label Armory is your source for high quality, American made, firearm OE style firearm components. We pride ourselves on superior quality, prompt shipping, and fair prices. We're also the portal for dealers and small manufacturers with access to DRG's larger OE manufacturing capabilities. Through White Label Armory, you won't have to purchase several thousand pieces at a time to get great pricing; you can order as few or as many as you need.

For more information, you can visit or contact White Label Armory at:

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