Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Meprolight Renames HVS Sights to Hyper-Bright Sites

Meprolight® renamed its HVS—high visibility sights— family of self-illuminated day/night sights to Hyper-Bright™. Introduced at the 2020 SHOT Show, Meprolight's Meprolight Hyper-Bright Sights are 30% brighter than any other pistol sight on the market and come with an extremely bright contrasting color ring on the front sight enabling you to get on target faster.

Meprolight® recommends you upgrade the sights on your handgun with tritium enhanced day/night sights in order to increase your defense capabilities in any lighting condition. Go to your local gun dealer to see for yourself. Following all of the gun safety rules, look down the sights of a handgun with standard sights in low-light conditions. Then do the same with a handgun that has upgraded day/night sights. See how much more visible and faster you can put the tritium illuminated sights on the target. Meprolight Hyper-Bright sights are available in three colors (Orange, Green or Yellow). The color combinations help the shooter focus on the front sight quicker which is critical for self defense or competitive shooting. Available for Glock, Sig, and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Bill Yerby V.P. Sales & Marketing, Meprolight, “….selecting your sights is as important as selecting your firearm. Upgrading the sights on your EDC —Every Day Carry—gun, will increase your capabilities to put the shots you need on target , in any light, when it is needed the most. Meprolight Hyper-Bright Sights will give you an edge.”

For more information or to find your local Meprolight Dealer visit Meprolight US or call (717) 985-4482. You can also visit our online partners: OpticsPlanet, MidwayUSA or Focus Camera.