Tuesday, August 13, 2019

TWN Releases 2 New Camouflage Water Transfer Films

The camouflage market is changing…and we’re bringing you the newest trends in the marketplace. Introducing Kratos and Favlos, two all-new camouflage patterns that break the mold once again. These camouflage patterns are less about functional concealment and more about shelf appeal. These patterns replace timely stenciling work, making it easier and more profitable to coat weapons and other goods in one dip. This will appeal to your customers who want a unique stenciled look on their rifles and other tactical gear.

Order a roll of Kratos and Favlos here: TWN Launches Kratos and Favlos Water Transfer Printing Films.

Get Samples in Kratos and Favlos

Want to see samples of your product decorated in Kratos or Favlos? Contact us here: https://watertransferprinting.com/contact/

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We can help you integrate Water Transfer Printing technology into your existing production line or find a TWN Certified Processor who can provide decorating services. Our surface coating process will help you differentiate your products and give your company a competitive edge in today's market.

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