Thursday, April 18, 2019

M1 Carbine in Army's "Best Ranger Competition"

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH - Inland Manufacturing is known for its famously near-perfect reproductions of original WWII 1911s, M1 Carbines, and Model M37 trench guns.

Bragging First: Inland Manufacturing makes the most historically accurate reproduction M1 Carbines and 12-gauge Model M37 trench guns in the market. Inland Manufacturing carbines are so authentic that Inland began their serial numbers at 9 million to prevent confusion with original military carbines that ended production with serial numbers in the 8 million range.

Pretty Interesting Stuff: All past U.S. Army Best Ranger Competitions (BRC) have been conducted using current, modern military firearms. This year is different. This 75th anniversary year of the Normandy landings at Omaha Beach - and the incredible Ranger assault on Point du Hoc, the Army decided that the 2019 Best Ranger Competition will use the individual firearms mostlycarried and used in WWII by the Rangers at that famed assault.

Inland model M37 12 gauge trench gun used in BRC competition

Inland Manufacturing was chosen to supply the correct model 1944 M1 .30 caliber Carbines and 12-gauge Model M37 trench guns for this competition. The Rangers must ultimately prove themselves with firearms at Fort Benning's shooting ranges. For this year's unique Omaha Beach Anniversary competition, they will also shoot M1 Garand's provided by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and 1911 pistols.

After the Best Ranger Competition is completed one of the top two teams will get to choose from Inland's commemorative 1911s, a new Inland WWII-era reproduction carbine, or a Inland Model M37 trench gun as part of this prestigious competition's awards.

Best Ranger Competition History:

The U.S. Army Best Ranger Competition began in 1982 and is the hands down the toughest competition of any type in the U.S. military. The BRC is run with 55 two-man Ranger buddy teams. Both Ranger buddies must make it together through the outrageously tough three-day, 60-hour long competitionmade up of many grueling miles of running and forced marching with full packs, maneuvering, navigating, communication, unfriendly obstacle courses and much more.

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