Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Viridian Partners with Taurus USA on Co-Branded CTL Custom Tactical Light

Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce another great new product that was designed with long-time industry partner Taurus USA. The new Custom CTL for Taurus is the perfect accessory for virtually all Taurus pistols.

The new Custom CTL for Taurus features a host of industry-leading features including a blinding 525 lumen (17k Candela) LED tactical light, INSTANT-ON and ambidextrous activation buttons, universal ratcheting mounting rail, magnetic charging port and SafeCharge power bank. This new product offers excellent performance and an innovative, effective recharge process to guarantee users are charged up and ready for anything.

The SafeCharge system allows the Viridian Custom CTL for Taurus to be charged in any location, ensuring maximum battery longevity. The connection is simple and the SafeCharge will automatically wake up, charge the accessory and then shut down. This eliminates the need to manually start or stop the charger or worry about optimal battery performance. Each full charge of the SafeCharge allows a Viridian Custom CTL for Taurus to be charged five times.

“The new Custom CTL for Taurus is another in a long line of innovative and exciting accessories we have brought to market in collaboration with Taurus,” said Viridian VP of Sales, Andy Scott. “Viridian and Taurus USA have had a wonderful working relationship for many years and it continues in a strong and meaningful way with the new Custom CTL.”

The Custom CTL for Taurus features Viridian’s unmatched INSTANT-ON technology, a new Holster Retention Feature, and unique adjustable universal rail mount, making it the smallest and most versatile weapon light on the market and the only one of its kind built for Taurus railed pistols. It boasts a 525-lumen peak output, 60 minutes of run time and weighs in at 1.73oz.

For more information on the new Custom CTL for Taurus, and all of the other collaborative products the two companies have, visit ViridianWeaponTech.com or ShopTaurus.com.