Tuesday, June 30, 2020

MonsterMeal Presents Whitetail 46 Podcast: Stories of the American Whitetail Hunting Experience

Starting July 5th a new Podcast will begin and an old tradition will continue.

“In an era where technology can bombard us with information, sometimes it gets hard to separate ourselves from agenda driven information. The concept of Whitetail 46 will capture the oldest tradition in deer hunting: the story of the hunt. 46 represents the number of US States where a whitetail can legally be hunted. Every State has its own unique traditions, terrain, and techniques. No matter where you go, as a hunter, you can meet another hunter and inevitably the topic of conversation will turn to hunting stories. Those stories can be humorous, nostalgic, or a learning experience. In the end, hunters LOVE to hear and TELL the stories of where and how they hunt. MonsterMeal recognized that hunters really want to be educated and entertained, and what could be more entertaining than exploring the way other people hunt all over the US, Canada, and Mexico. Whitetail 46 will give insight about all types of hunters and have real conversations about regional hunting stereotypes and the unique opportunities that the Whitetail can offer. Whitetail 46 will involve hunters from all over the country. From everyday people who you may never have heard of to a couple people you may have, we all have a story to tell. Whitetail 46 is where we tell it.