Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TMN promotes Hudson to Director of Digital Communications

Tactical Media Network (TMN) is proud to announce promoting Dalon Hudson to Director of Digital Communications!

Dalon has been with the TMN program since the beginning and an integral part in development of the network. After experiencing tremendous growth it has been an easy and obvious choice for TMN to promote Dalon Hudson to having full command of the outdoor’s largest digital influencer network. Dalon’s incredible attention to detail and ultra competitive nature is sure to serve him well with his newly acquired responsibilities of ensuring that client’s digital marketing campaigns always exceed their guaranteed monthly reach to specifically targeted consumers.

TMN is the leading single source digital media influencer network for firearm, ammunition, archery, and knife brands on the internet today! Nothing delivers effective brand messaging better or faster and monthly results are guaranteed!

About Tactical Media Network (TMN), headquartered in the farmland and bluff country of southeast Minnesota, is the LEADING developer of digital media influencer marketing and brand publicity for hunting and shooting brands. TMN Operates the most comprehensive and progressive network of outdoor digital influencers to ever hit the internet! Developed to be utilized by shooting and hunting company owners, sales & marketing directors, and/or marketing agencies that specialize in the hunting and shooting industry to get their brand message online to the masses affordably and immediately! You will literally see the results within hours…not days or weeks.

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To learn more about our top performing digital communication tool for hunting & shooting brands and marketing agencies or press inquiries, please contact the Tactical Media Network at info@tacticalmedianetwork.com ; visit tacticalmedianetwork.com Our space is limited. Contact us today!