Friday, August 17, 2018

EAA Corp. MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun

European American Armory Corporation introduces the MKA 1923 from Husan Arms; a fast-firing, easy-handling, 12ga Bullpup Shotgun from Turkey.

Cocoa, FL -- -- EAA Corp is proud to announce the arrival of its newest addition, the MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun. This smooth handling bullpup shotgun features a trigger block safety, a rubber butt plate, a reinforced nylon stock, removable sights, fully adjustable rear sights, and a Picatinny rail for all your accessory and optics mounting needs.  Its overall design is compact, but it can definitely pack a punch. Just like the MKA 1919 (also from Turkey based Husan Arms), the MKA 1923 boasts magazine-fed semi-automatic firing of 12GA shells from a non-traditional shotgun platform.

The MKA 1923 combines the speed and maneuverability of a traditional bullpup with the stopping power of the quintessential shotgun. Making this compact beast the perfect tool for home protection, 3 gun competition or even just some fun on the range.

The MKA 1923 is officially available domestically and can be purchased at your local dealer. If your dealer is out of stock please have them place an order with their distributor. Distributors include but are not limited to: Bill Hick’s ( ), Davidson’s ( ), Ellett Brothers ( ), Lew Horton ( ),  MGE Wholesale ( ), RSR ( ), Sports South ( ), and many more.

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UPC: 741566903076
SKU: 700060
BBL: 20”
OAL: 29.5”
SRP: $769

Husan Arms is a Turkey based manufacturer, creating high quality firearms since 1988 and is the Manufacturer of the MKA 1919 and MKA 1923 shotgun series being imported by EAA Corp.

EAA Corp is an American importer of quality firearms in operation since 1990. EAA Corp imports Long Guns, Shotguns, and Handguns from such manufacturers as Tanfoglio, Weihrauch, and Husan Arms.

To find more information regarding the MKA 1923, visit, you may also send an email to, call (321) 639-4842, or write to: EAA Corp, P.O. Box 3008, Cocoa, FL 32924