Friday, October 9, 2020

Bloodsport Mechanical Broadheads Fly True with Every Shot

Grand Prairie, TX - Mechanical broadheads require exceptional engineering and the highest quality materials and design quality to fly and function properly. The ability to shoot broadheads that perform just like the field points used during practice delivers a significant advantage to hunters. The broadheads do not require adjustments to the sights or separate practice sessions to become familiar with the flight patterns. Swap the field points for a Bloodsport broadhead and hit the woods ready for a hunt.

Bloodsport's Night Fury and Night Fury Extreme models lead the field in design quality, performance and reliability. Both models are designed to function correctly without any rubber bands or o-rings. This makes for less fuss and maintenance while eliminating the common points of malfunction on mechanical blades. The blade retention system holds the position until the point of impact. On impact, the razor-sharp blades release and penetrate entirely.

The Night Fury and Night Fury Extreme are different than most mechanical broadheads because they utilize a patented cross-opening build that contains the blades for a true flight path. The blades are tucked in tightly, reducing the exposed surface area to a minute amount. This means the broadhead truly flies like a field point, and hunters can trust the shot when it counts most.

The Night Fury has a 1 ? inch blade that is ideal for big game hunting with low and high poundage draw lengths. It's the all-around choice that uses a hardened steel ferrule and perfectly sharpened 420 stainless steel blades. It can even function in a fixed blade mode if desired.

The Night Fury Extreme is perfect for higher poundage draw weights. It offers 2 ¼ inch blades that will increase hemorrhaging, leaving better blood trails and quicker kill times. The chisel tip is a bone crusher, and the 420 steel blades slice through thick hides to quickly reach the vital organs. A 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule is rigid, lightweight and ultra-durable. This broadhead is perfect for compound bows and crossbows.

Bloodsport designs and builds the best broadheads in the game, and they are responsible for harvesting thousands of animals each hunting season. The patented blade retention puts the Night Fury ahead of the pack in accuracy and reliable performance. Make every shot count with the most trusted mechanical broadheads on the market.

At Bloodsport, we are committed to building the most accurate arrows in the world. While other companies count success by the number of shafts shipped out the door, we count ours one arrow at a time. After all, nothing is more important than the arrow you are about to shoot on your next hunt. All of our arrows are hand sorted and graded so that you truly get what you pay for. Great care is taken to ensure that all of our components are matched perfectly with each shaft. While the extra steps we take certainly cost us more than the other guys' mass production method, the end result is that a dozen of our arrows look the same, weigh the same, and fly the same. If we wouldn't shoot them ourselves they don't make it to the store. We make sure you can pull Bloodsport arrows out of the box and aim with confidence. Once you shoot our arrows we think you will agree that the extra effort is worth it. At Bloodsport, we aren't trying to be like the other arrow manufacturers, we are working hard to be your arrow company.

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