Wednesday, June 19, 2019

DDA Holdings Purchases Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

Kamiah, ID -- Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls has entered into an agreement and has sold the company and all intellectual properties to DDA Holdings. DDA Holdings has formed a new company that will include current RMHC General Manager, Kurt Howard as well as Sales and Marketing Director, Mike Mattly as shareholders.

Kurt Howard will continue his daily duties as GM and Mike Mattly will remain as Sales and Marketing Director. Rockie Jacobsen, Founder of RMHC, will remain as a full-time employee. Rockie will continue to be instrumental in the development of new products as well as assuming the new role of Ambassador Coordinator for RMHC.

“Over the past eight years, I have learned a tremendous amount about the game call market, more specifically the elk call category,” said Kurt Howard, GM. “The entire team at RMHC has accomplished some great things and I am very excited to continue to lead our team. The new owners of RMHC have big plans to continue the growth and produce the best game calls on the market, bar none.”

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is slated to remain in Kamiah, ID for the foreseeable future.

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is located in Kamiah, ID. Rockie Jacobsen, Founder, has over 33 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling game calls. Rockie has won 4 Elk Calling Titles over the years and he has been issued 2 patents for game call design. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls have been used to win over 70 World Elk Calling Championships to date!

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