Friday, April 9, 2021

Realtree 365 Features The Undertaker vs Alabama Longbeards

Columbus, Georgia – Mark Calaway, AKA The Undertaker, recently joined the Realtree 365 video crew on a hunt for the notoriously tough Alabama longbeard. The action did not disappoint, nor did the incredible stories from Mark’s 30-year career in WWE Pro Wrestling. In the end, Mark succeeded in not only getting his first turkey ever, but also his second. In addition, he truly got hooked on turkey hunting, which is very evident from his sincere reaction to the entire experience. The Undertaker will clearly be a great advocate for hunting and conservation now that he has time to really focus on them in retirement.

Beyond the hunt, The Undertaker also sat down with Michael Waddell on his “A Bone To Pick” podcast. Mark described his life-long appreciation for all things outdoors, but also noted that he worked “as many as 270 dates a year” over his career. He’s happy to be “a full-time family man” now, and intends to get as many people as he can outdoors for as long as he can.

Watch all the hunt action on Realtree 365. Waddell’s “A Bone To Pick” podcast is also available on Realtree 365, as well as anywhere you get your podcasts.