Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Black Gold Sights Introduces the Dual Trac

BELGRADE, MT., Built on the industry-leading Pro Sight platform, the Dual Trac™ raises the bar in single pin sights for brightness, durability, and ease of adjustability. This bulletproof sight, incorporates Black Gold’s Pro Pin, providing a more defined aiming point and less target obstruction, now in a single pin option. What sets this apart is the second pro pin providing an additional quick aiming point without the need to move the dial.

“Black Gold is widely known to be the brightest, toughest and best bow sight on the market today. The Pro Pin was introduced 2 years ago, and customers asked for it in a single pin configuration,” said Todd Snader, Brand Manager. “We took it to the next level and added a 2nd, independently adjustable pin in line with the first. This provides single pin visibility, with multi-pin ease of use.”

The Dual Indicator System reduces time and movement by providing a needle for shorter yardages combined with a 2nd needle for longer range shooting. Both needles are independently adjustable to fine to specific bow set-ups. The Dual Trac features micro adjustable windage and elevation makes precise and accurate sighting in a breeze. Just loosen the lock screw and make the adjustment without the worry of the sight slipping, then lock it back down for rock-solid accuracy. Additionally, it features micro adjust 1st and 3rd axis as well as a non-micro adjust 2nd axis, allowing for precise adjustments to ensure the sight is square to the bow.

The Pro Pin has a narrower pin throat that ends in a round pinhead. This smaller throat allows for less target blackout, as well as a more defined aiming point. The microfiber groove protects the fiber while allowing as much light as possible to reach the fiber optic. All of this combines to make a sleek pin design that still meets Black Gold’s standard for pin toughness.

As with all Black Gold sights, it features our UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

Black Gold Sights; Brighter, Tougher, Better.

To experience it for yourself, visit your local Black Gold dealer. To learn more, check out blackgoldsights.com.

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