Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Barbarian – World’s Toughest Mechanical Broadhead

Cobra Archery has developed the world’s toughest mechanical broadheads. Appropriately named the Barbarian, these destructive mechanical heads boast incredible .07” thick blades made from tempered 420 stainless steel. These blades have such a thickness they require to be EDM machined. “A standard mechanical broadhead blade is stamped from sheet metal, ours are so thick they require a completely different approach to produce.” Said Jake Major, owner, and designer. They will soon be issued a patent on mechanical blade thickness & designs that will allow them to dominate the category. The Barbarian’s design has a rear cam system that uses no rings, bands, or clips. If/when the blades are deployed, they can simply be snapped back into position. The three different weight broadheads were developed specifically for crossbows. Jake also stated, “We own an archery proshop as well and our number one issue we were seeing is that a crossbow rated broadhead simply was not handling the high-speed impacts and were basically breaking apart”. The Barbarians were tested on the fastest crossbows from Ravin & Ten Point and they had mind blowing durability while maintaining functionality. No longer will there be a decision what head to shoot from your crossbow, Barbarians all the way…... The 100 & 125 grain have an 1-1/2” cutting diameter while the monster 150 grain is 1-3/4”. All broadheads have a solid one-piece tempered titanium ferrule that is incredibly tough. These broadheads can be used for a vertical/compound setup. Jake has used them to take large & small game and the Barbarians have performed perfectly from his compound. The blades are replaceable or can be removed to be sharpened. Jake’s final note was “We are never returning to slower, lighter bolts or arrows, it’s only increasing in both dimensions. The Barbarians were developed to answer the call”. To learn more about the Barbarians and Cobra Archery visit their website at

Cobra Archery is a market leader in innovation and design. Cobra has received multiple pattens and currently has numerous submissions pending.

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