Tuesday, September 29, 2020

EASTON® 6.5™ Classic Will Make You A Better Hunter

Salt Lake City, Utah – Boosting shooter confidence has been a tradition of Easton arrow shaft engineering. From the Olympic podium to the treestand, offering the highest level of accuracy has always been one of the primary goals driving Easton product development. The new 6.5 Hunter Classic is a USA-made carbon arrow that uses Easton proprietary Acu-Carbon™ resulting in tighter groups and consistent shot placement. The Acu-Carbon™ Uniform Spine process is a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the most reliable shafts and eliminates the need for the spine-alignment and weight sorting. Easton’s Acu-Carbon™ production line produces the most consistent spine and weight from dozen to dozen and lot to lot—year in and year out. This benefits the bowhunter with truer flight and reliable accuracy in the field.

The Easton 6.5 Classic includes upgraded 6.5MM inserts that are made using a 4X-larger shoulder to add strength and boost valuable FOC. Hunter Classic comes complete with lightweight Microlite Nocks installed. Microlites are designed to move the throat of the nock closer to the back of the arrow shaft to make the release more forgiving to further shot consistency.

The new 6.5MM™ arrow line began shipping earlier this year and Easton reports that manufacturing is running daily and filling dealer shelves nationwide. The Easton Carbon 6.5™ line-up includes four models; the Bowhunter (±.006”), the Hunter Classic (±.003”), the Match Grade (±.001”) and the high-velocity ultra-light Matrix™.

·Acu-Carbon™ Uniform Spine USA Manufacturing Process for the highest level of accuracy.

·Microlite Nocks—shortens the critical distance between the shaft and bowstring for improved alignment and reduced weight.

·6.5MM Inserts—precision machined component has four-times larger shoulder. Strengthens the broadhead/arrow interface and boosts F.O.C.

·Bully™ Vane Fletching—stiffer material for superior control and quiet arrow flight.

·Spine sizes: 300, 340, 400, 500

For more information on the Easton 6.5MM arrows see your local archery pro shop or visit www.eastonarchery.com