Tuesday, October 15, 2019

MidwayUSA Foundation Accepting Cash Grant Applications


Columbia, MO – The MidwayUSA Foundation is currently accepting grant applications from shooting teams in their Team Endowment Program. Any youth shooting team with a balance in their MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment that did not apply in June 2019 is eligible to apply for a cash grant. Applicants must complete the MidwayUSA Foundation grant application, found at midwayusafoundation.org/teamgrants and submit it by December 15th.

Teams are eligible to apply for a cash grant, every year. Youth shooting teams can receive 5% of their endowment balance to use for shooting team expenses, such as ammunition, travel, entry fees, uniforms, targets, and more. The December 2019 cycle has over 2,250 teams eligible, and a potential payout of about $4.3 million.

In their last grant cycle, the MidwayUSA Foundation paid $1.7 million in grants to 521 youth shooting teams. Each year the number of grant applications submitted has increased. Ideally, every shooting team with an endowment will receive a grant each year. If you need assistance or have questions about eligibility, you can email grants@midwayusafoundation.org.

The MidwayUSA Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) charity, founded by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, working to sustain the shooting sports industry by providing permanent, long term endowment funding to over 2,700 youth shooting teams. For more information about the MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. and its Team Endowment Program, please visit midwayusafoundation.org or call 1-877-375-4570.


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