Thursday, May 16, 2024

Pulsar Releases Update 3.3 For Talion Riflescopes

Pulsar is introducing a new update to the Talion series of compact riflescopes. This update brings internal ballistic calculations to Talion models without integrated laser rangefinders. With this new function, users can manually input the target distance for the device to calculate the suggested point of aim.

The 3.3 Update is compatible with the following models:

  • Talion XQ38
  • Talion XQ35 Pro
  • Talion XG35

Current Talion owners can download the 3.3 update via the Stream Vision 2 app and start using the new ballistic correction feature with a few simple steps. The update activates Bluetooth technology in all Talion riflescopes (which may need to be turned on in the device’s settings menu) allowing connection to the Stream Vision Ballistics app.

To utilize the update:

  1. Enable Bluetooth in your Talion’s menu and connect your riflescope to the Stream Vision Ballistics app.
  2. Create up to ten ballistic profiles in the app on your phone by filling in the required data.
  3. Upload the profiles to your riflescope via Bluetooth.
  4. Disconnect from the app on your mobile device.
  5. Go to the long menu of the Talion and select the profile of the weapon the riflescope is currently mounted to.
  6. Switch to the short menu, scroll to the ballistic option, and manually input the estimated distance to your target by turning the encoder ring.
  7. The riflescope will perform ballistic calculations.
  8. The suggested point of aim will be instantly displayed on your riflescope’s screen.

Additionally, your Talion can now be remote-controlled via Bluetooth with a Pulsar BT remote control. The Talion’s remote mimics the main buttons and functions of the riflescope, offering handheld or stock-mounted options for better ergonomics.

Moreover, the new firmware update introduces display dimming, reducing eye fatigue on pitch-black nights and minimizing screen glow to make the hunter less visible to prey.

For more information on enabling internal ballistic calculations in your Pulsar riflescopes, please refer to this YouTube video or the following manuals.

Firmware update 3.3 changelog:

  • Enabled ballistic calculations in Talion riflescopes
  • Bluetooth connection to Stream Vision Ballistics enabled
  • Bluetooth remote control accessory compatibility
  • Manual distance input for ballistic calculations in the short menu of the riflescope
  • 10 customizable distance profiles
  • Adjustable suggested point of aim (SPOA) settings:
    • distance visualization
    • reticle color
    • deactivation of SPOA by double click
    • auto-off and tilt indicator moved to general settings
  • Smoother and more natural animated zoom
  • Fluid variable zoom step with digital zoom
  • Enabled display dimming
  • Battery saving feature: device automatically turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Red auto-calibration indication in the status bar
  • Updated battery life indication in the status bar
  • Added languages: Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Ukrainian

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