Friday, June 21, 2024

Kimber Partners With Davidsons to Add Depth to Distribution

TROY, AL — Kimber Mfg. partners with Davidsons to add depth to Kimber’s sales distribution.

Kimber is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Davidsons. Now with the addition of Davidsons to the Kimber authorized distributor network, the brand has signified a broad approach in how they have changed their go to market strategy. Davidsons is the latest addition to a very broad stable of distribution which includes the RSR Group, MGE wholesale, Orion wholesale, Kinseys and Grice wholesale as well as Lipsey’s. These significant additions to distribution, brand visibility, and dealer support throughout the United States showcase significant increases in overall product awareness and dramatically increased sales channels. Kimber will continue to add to its successful sales team while augmenting counter sales incentive programs for all dealers interested in stocking Kimber products.

“While Kimber celebrates our 45th anniversary in 2024, Davidsons celebrates their 92nd anniversary this selling season. Davidson’s business philosophy is simple, Customer Service. By offering both east coast and west coast distribution centers, as well as Davidson’s Lifetime Guarantee D Replacement Program, Davidsons has been a benchmark in 2-step distribution for almost 100 years. Additionally, by adding Davidsons, we gain access to the renowned Gallery of Guns and the hallmark exclusives that Davidsons is known for. This is a natural progression for Kimber’s dealer expansion growth outside our valued Master Dealer network as we prepare for fall 2024 and beyond!”

Throughout 2024 Kimber has been making dramatic shifts in consumer interaction with the KDS9c, K6xs as well as all products that include the legacy 1911 line as well as the popular R7 Mako family. As a cornerstone of providing elevated customer support, Kimber will continue to provide currently supported firearms with its Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dennis Dougherty, Board Advisor stated: ‘Our sales leadership has aggressively acted on creating a more comprehensive sales methodology as we prepare for some exciting releases. Davidsons is the very latest in a strategic addition to Kimber’s distribution and sales platform. We couldn’t be more excited for the fall with all of these tremendous partners on board!

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