Friday, September 23, 2022

QUWF Issues Caution During Fall Farming Activity

Buffalo MO: A fact we seldom bring to attention during the fall

months, and actually at all times of the year, is using rural

roads and being aware of moving farm equipment and people.

“From horse drawn implements or wagons to the largest

combines made, fall harvest brings them onto the rural roads at all times of the day and night. The equipment is slow, at times very large, offers little visibility to the operator and can take up the entire roadway of small farm roads” cautions Craig Alderman of QUWF. “This is the same time fall hunters head afield from dove season to archery, firearms or even working on food plots, clearing shooting lanes or installing the stands with their own equipment and trailers. So please, be patient, observant and do not try to pass them on the small roads without double the visibility and clearance you would normally use” Craig suggests. Further, farm and rural roads are NOT the best maintained, are not lite at all and are normally dirt roads. The shoulder edges most likely will be hidden ditches with rain wash out holes that can cause you to lose control.

Farm equipment accidents are all too common and normally caused by impatience and the lack of clearance around the machinery. “Remember, farmers, and ranchers around the country are harvesting to feed your family. It's not a hobby or a pastime. They have a certain amount of time to get it all done and will work 24/7 to get the crops in so please be careful on the rural roads” explains Nick Prough, Chief Wildlife Biologist for QUWF.

“At QUWF, we saw the danger years ago and began installing and using LED wig-wag lights, strobe lights on our trucks and even on the ATVs and UTVs and trailers when we are unloading or loading or just parked beside the road opening pasture gates” said Prough. “You just cannot have enough LED warning lights at sunset or at night, they are not expensive and the yellow/white light combinations can be spotted for long distances even in rain, fog, or snow conditions” Prough says. LED warning/strobe lights are especially important when you break down and if you haul anything you know it will happen. There are also magnetic LED warning light kits you can attach to any surface and we highly recommend keeping a set in your truck or even your car.

About QUWF and the AFC:

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