Monday, January 4, 2021

Kelly Brand Management (KBM) Partners with American-made company, Beavertail

Atlanta, GA – Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy, has partnered up with American-made, business, - Beavertail Products.

Beavertail is known for its high-class manufacturing process, which involves, rotational molding, or roto molding, all of their cargo sleds and sneak boats. Whereas most companies will use thermoforming and blow molding for their plastic molding processes, Beavertail believes in creating a finished product with higher durability.

Beavertail offers DOA decoys, Aluminum boats and pods, sneak boats, mud motors, blinds, sleds and trailers, and accessories. The unique way in which Beavertail handles their inventory has also gotten the attention of others in the industry.

Rick Alsen, national sales manager at Beavertail said, “I take inventory of all of my imported goods, whether I can sell it or not. My competitors do not, so this is where we have the advantage to become a more trusted and important vendor for my retailers.”

When Beavertail Products decided to partner with KBM it was an easy decision. “KBM is state of the art. They are light years ahead from what anyone else is doing. And I’m excited about a new set of eyes, new relationships with buyers, and buy groups. KBM does what nobody else does. It just doesn’t exist,” said Alsen.

Josh Dutton, vice president of sales at KBM, shares, “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work with a company like Beavertail and DOA. Their products set the benchmark for decoys, boats and accessories in a crowded waterfowl market. As a U.S. manufacturer, their ability to ship on time and keep up with demand has made Beavertail one of the most trusted and respected manufactures in our industry. With that track record and the KBM sales team, we’re expecting big things for 2021 and beyond!”

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