Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Guncrafter’s Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm in Nov/Dec Handgunner

Some think the 1911 is outdated — too “old school” to be effective today. They’re not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong. The November/December issue of American Handgunner illustrates just why with feature coverage of Guncrafter Industries’ Hellcat X2 Commander in 9mm.

“The great ergonomics, bold sights and sure-footedness the gun delivers makes the Hellcat X2 a shooting machine at every level,” lends Publisher Roy Huntington.

Huntington ran upward of 400 rounds of various loads through the test gun, a Commander-sized version ideal for concealed carry, with a surprising 18-round capacity. Features abound on the hand-built 9mm, but unique touches — such as the built-in detent eliminating false slide locks and the lighter slide facilitating a “snappier” action — set it far apart from the competition.

The new CPX-3 .380 Auto from SCCY boasts high-grade materials, precise assembly and extreme accuracy — at a budget-friendly price. “Top Quality — Affordable Pricing” highlights how the CPX-3’s features are easy to manage and the ergonomics are spot-on — making this affordable compact .380 a worthy contender for EDC.

Headlining the issue’s Handgun Of The Month giveaway package is a BCMGUNFIGHTER 1991 from Bravo Company. Among its many features, the limited edition .45 ACP includes an individual serial number and is hand-built and inspected at Wilson Combat to ensure the highest quality. The winner will also receive a McBee TI from Spyderco, TX14R flashlight from COAST Products and a WX Detection 3-Lens package from Wiley X. Valued at over $3,700, readers are encouraged the enter the free drawing by visiting

The Nov/Dec issue asks “Are Your Bullets PC?” (And no, it doesn’t stand for “politically correct.”) Have your cake and eat it too with John Taffin’s tips on being “PC” — with powder-coating bullets — in the Handloading column. There’s no shame in being un-tactical. In fact, Tiger McKee argues why self-defense maneuvers should be decidedly different than the trendy buzzword implies in the Tactics & Training installment. A revolver’s strength lies in its simplicity, owing to its timeless appeal. Mark Kakkuri delivers a roundup of must-have accessories any wheelgun lover will appreciate in “A Close Look At: Revolver Goodies.” And in the Ayoob Files, “Run And Gun: The Oscar Plasencia Incident” reveals why preparation is the mother of survival.

In tandem with the issue’s “Haka! Mag-na-port’s S&W Model 69 .44 Magnum,” Roy Huntington offers an inside look at the S&W infused with a warrior’s fighting spirit in the latest “Insider Action” video found here:

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