Tuesday, April 6, 2021

ELR Shooter Ryan Cheney Hits 2.35-mile Shot with Hornady A-TIP Bullet

(Grand Island, Nebr.) — Hornady® congratulates Ryan Cheney on his record 2.35 mile shot on March 27 at the Spearpoint Ranch in Barnard, Kansas.

Cheney’s shot is the longest impact ever shot and recorded in competition.

Cheney was shooting Hornady .338 cal. 300 gr. A-TIP® bullets in his custom-built GA Precision rifle chambered in 33 XC.

“Half the battle in ELR is seeing your impacts and correcting” said Cheney. “These bullets have incredible splash and in 20+ mph winds, A-TIP bullets performed phenomenally,” added Cheney.

Cheney, a 41-year-old competitive ELR shooter from Conway Springs, Kansas was able to hit a plate at 3,592 yards – which itself was a record hit for a .33 caliber projectile, but then managed to drop a shot on a piece of 6-foot-by 6-foot steel at 4,134 yards, which is 2.35 miles.

A-Tip® Match bullets feature an aluminum tip that’s precision machined and longer than polymer tips, that moves the center of gravity and enhances inflight stability, resulting in tighter groups and reduced drag variability. In addition, A-Tip bullets are sequentially packaged for the ultimate in consistent performance.

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