Thursday, March 2, 2023

MidwayUSA Brings on Banana Ballistics


MidwayUSA is pleased to announce Banana Ballistics as the latest addition to their roster of brand ambassadors. He joins a growing sponsorship list of accomplished hunters and fishermen including Scott Linden, Outdoors Allie, Magic Prepper, Midwest Whitetail, Mark Rose, Brandon Lester, Zack Birge, Brandon Palaniuk and more.

“As an avid reloader, I have always enjoyed shopping at MidwayUSA,” said Banana Ballistics. “Buying components can get confusing in a hurry, but with MidwayUSA’s excellent website layout, I have always been able to find every product and spec I need in a hurry. Paired with their excellent customer service, I have enjoyed shopping with them for nearly a decade and I am very grateful for this opportunity to represent MidwayUSA.”

Banana Ballistics is a YouTube channel based around firearms related content. Whether videos involve penetration testing, cartridge breakdowns, or anything else firearms related, Banana Ballistics is dedicated to making the content as entertaining and educational as possible – giving viewers the ripest firearm related content on YouTube!

“With highly entertaining content on cartridge comparisons, ballistics tests, gun reviews, and a whole host of other topics, Banana Ballistics is a great fit for MidwayUSA and our Customers,” said Adam Augustine, VP eCommerce. “I’m pleased to have Banana Ballistics representing MidwayUSA.”

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