Thursday, August 4, 2022


Caledonia, MN - Tactacam is taking the Great Outdoors to new heights with the debut of its new flagship champ, the REVEAL X-Pro. This extraordinary upgrade to the family of cellular trail cameras is a technological marvel that’ll give any hunter a scouting advantage. Packing impressive features like no-glow IR technology, built-in LCD screen, and GPS capabilities, there are no cons to this Pro!

But Tactacam didn’t stop there. With the REVEAL mobile app, X-Pro hunters get exceptional control over their camera’s settings, flexibility in mapping property and monitoring activity, and organizing stunning photos and videos from all of their favorite hunting spots.

In the words of Tactacam President Jeff Peel, “Our goal is always to raise the bar for cellular cameras in terms of features and benefits while giving equal focus to the user experience with the app. This year’s X-Pro and improved app represent our best effort to date.”

Key features of the REVEAL X-Pro include:

  • No-glow IR

  • Convenient LCD display

  • Built-in GPS tracking

  • Dual carrier compatible – includes both Verizon and AT&T SIM cards

  • Ultimate performance with hybrid mode

  • Faster photo transmission

  • Improved battery life

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