Monday, January 25, 2021

Toxon Announces Launch of BOWdometer Open Platform

WATERLOO, ON., January 25, 2021 – Toxon Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the BOWdometer Open Platform. The BOWdometer Open Platform allows archery manufacturers and app developers to use real-time shooting data from the BOWdometer archery practice companion in their products. This data can is available to enhance existing products or to develop new products and apps for all archers from target archers to bowhunters.

"Since we launched BOWdometer in 2020, archers across the globe have been interested in using BOWdometer data in new and interesting ways," said Marianne Bell, COO of Toxon Technologies. "At Toxon, we believe in growing the tech ecosystem to enable archers from all disciplines to make use of data in ways that are meaningful to them – and our BOWdometer Open Platform can enable that."

The first application to take advantage of the BOWdometer Open Platform is the Artemis archery performance application for Android smartphones and tablets. Popular with both athletes and coaches, the BOWdometer Open Platform will enhance the Artemis app with live, raw shooting data from when an archer draws to the release.

"BOWdometer has helped archers go from just knowing how a shot feels to seeing the impacts of changes to their form and gear over time," said Joe Deu-Ngoc, CEO of Toxon Technologies. "We've built the BOWdometer Open Platform so that others in our industry can use BOWdometer data to enhance their offerings to archers without making a large investment in hardware development."

The BOWdometer Open Platform unlocks access to raw, live sensor data directly from the bow as well as the BOWdometer toolset. If you're interested in learning more, please visit


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Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to leverage current technology trends to provide archers with feedback and insights to enhance their sport. Toxon Technologies was founded by two tech industry veterans, Marianne Bell and Joe Deu-Ngoc, and long-time archery dealer George Wagner. Combining their expertise in technology and archery, Toxon Technologies launched their first product – BOWdometer – in 2020.