Monday, August 23, 2021

SCWA Gives South Carolina Wildlife Partnership $10,000

Pictured from left to right: Ed Paul, Johnny Evans and David Wielicki David Wielicki SCWA CEO, presents a $10,000 check to South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP) President, Johnny Evans and SCWP Executive Director, Ed Paul to help expand public hunting opportunity on private lands.

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association is proud to be a Founding Member of the South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP). In addition to providing a number of public waterfowl hunts, SCWA donates $10,000 annually to support the mission of SCWP to “Connect public hunters with private landowners who are willing to provide hunting opportunities that promote respect for the land and ethical hunting for the future.” SCWP provides hunting opportunities for children and adults in South Carolina who do not have access to land to hunt on. SCWP works closely with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to include these hunts in their public draw hunt program. Please check out their website for more information,