Tuesday, May 23, 2023

AmmoSquared Announces Platform Upgrades

Nampa, ID – AmmoSquared, the leading platform promoting ammunition as a practical and tangible alternative asset, is excited to announce the release of new user experience improvements and advanced security features.

AmmoSquared has implemented upgrades to its platform's wallet, dashboard, navigation, asset account section and shipping section to provide a cleaner, more user-friendly experience. These enhancements allow customers to easier navigate their account and monitor their ammunition assets. Major improvements were made to make it easier to purchase and exchange ammunition including setting up a convenient autobuy. Wallet improvements include features to make it easier to fund an account using ACH or credit cards. While shipping related improvements make it even simpler to ship ammunition assets on demand or automatically.

In addition to the user experience improvements, AmmoSquared has implemented new security measures to protect customers’ accounts and financial information. Fraud prevention and detection measures have been integrated to ensure customer data remains secure. AmmoSquared's dedication to account safety and fraud prevention gives customers peace of mind, knowing that their financial information and assets are well-protected.

AmmoSquared is committed to simplifying the purchase, storage and management of ammunition, making it a viable alternative asset for pro-2A patriots from all walks of life.

These recent improvements reaffirm AmmoSquared's position as a pioneer in promoting ammunition as an alternative asset class. Existing and potential customers alike are encouraged to explore these updates and experience firsthand the benefits of AmmoSquared's platform. To learn more about AmmoSquared and its unique services, visit AmmoSquared.com today.

About AmmoSquared Inc.:

AmmoSquared is pioneering an online ammunition wallet or “bank account”, offering customers an innovative way to purchase and store ammunition while still meeting their everyday shooting and hunting needs. With a wide variety of calibers available, AmmoSquared's platform provides a user-friendly experience that allows individuals to diversify their assets with physical ammunition.

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