Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Presley Appointed As Careco’s Director Of Sales & Marketing

SAN ANTONIO, Tx. – Careco Multimedia LLC / CarecoTV LLC (jointly “Careco”), one of the country’s leading media companies, announces the hiring of Dennis Presley and his appointment as the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Over the last twenty years, Presley has held key positions with some of the industry’s most successful media properties. His background includes sales and management roles for Mossy Oak, and the former Petersen’s Publishing portfolio of assets that included Petersen’s Hunting, Bowhunting, and Guns & Ammo. Over the past ten years, Dennis has acquired additional expertise in the areas of programming management, production management, creative services, and digital marketing.

“During his accomplished career, Dennis’ expertise in the areas of advertising and marketing for a variety of brands make him a perfect fit for Careco. I’ve been working with Dennis for several years on various projects and I couldn’t be more excited to have him join our team,” said Wade Middleton, Careco’s President and Co-Owner. “We welcome Dennis to our team and believe his sound experience and business acumen will contribute significantly to our growth initiatives and our expansion into new endeavors. With our vast array of products and services, we continually strive to better serve our partners and to find new ones, and Dennis will be a key asset to help us continue doing just that.”

Careco was established in 1994, and throughout the years has been an integral and formidable player as the ways of television programming, watching, and producing have morphed. Change is always constant, and the ability to adjust, market, and grow is key. Beginning with one program and working with one network over 25 years ago, Careco has continuously added dozens of programs airing across some of the largest national & regional networks in North America. Continuing this growth and maturation, Careco has also expanded its digital footprint, and fine-tuned their marketing expertise. With all this added to their portfolio, Careco assets reach into the living rooms and are available at the fingertips of millions of viewers and followers throughout the country.

“I have admired Careco’s business model for many years, and I am thrilled, and humbled, to be joining Charles, Wade, and the entire team there. They are a highly organized, hard-working group, with a laser focus on providing the utmost value to their partners,” said Presley. “I am extremely proud to be involved with such an impressive portfolio of TV shows, digital assets, tours and events, and network programming. These are all areas near and dear to my heart, and I look forward to working and growing with Careco in every way.”

“After over 30 years of working with television networks, independent producers, and the sponsorships that fuel our industry, rarely do we have the opportunity to bring aboard someone with expertise in all of these areas. Dennis Presley has demonstrated his professional approach to problem-solving and relationship building, whether it is a major trade show, a phone conference, or a timely email. We have always felt that one of the reasons that there are very few companies in our field is because of the scarcity of individuals who can get the job done at every level. Dennis will be a huge asset to Karen Felix, Careco’s Senior Vice President of Network and Client Relationships, and all our associates. I am delighted to have Dennis aboard,” said Charles Goodloe, CEO of Careco Multimedia.

About Careco

CarecoTV LLC and Careco Multimedia Entertainment LLC (jointly “Careco”) have a 25+ year history of developing effective, content-driven, industry-specific marketing programs and content for a diverse collection of clients ranging from small start-ups to industry leaders. CarecoTV’s reputation has been cemented through this history as an industry leader in providing clients with a wide range of marketing support designed to increase sales using a mix of media platforms from television, digital content, websites, social media, live streaming, and events. Careco Multimedia is an airtime acquisition company that partners with numerous networks including Discovery Channel, Destination America, Travel Channel, American Hero Channel, MotorTrend, Pursuit Channel, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, and many regional networks such as FOX Sports, as well as digital networks like Discovery Go, PursuitUP, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Pluto, Outdoor Action TV, and more. Careco works with all these platforms to bring independent producers as much viewership as possible for their sponsors.

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