Friday, November 5, 2021

AllTerra Arms Introduces New Model C2 Action for Custom Bolt-Action Rifle Builders

With C2’s patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ and No-Fail Cycling™, rifle makers can now offer their customers supreme long-range accuracy and fierce field dependability.

Boise, Idaho… AllTerra Arms, manufacturer of precision rifles with exclusive patented technology, recently announced a new action created for custom builders of long-range bolt-action rifles: The Model C2 Action is available at

The C2 is crafted for the legendary Remington Model 700 footprint and has its pedigree in AllTerra Arms’ ground-breaking Convergence Series action. “It’s the marriage of receiver and bolt that shook the industry with patented, never-before-seen technology that arguably makes it the best-performing bolt action ever created,” explains AllTerra Arms’ President, Dan Rice.

Every C2 Action is certified with true Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ that ensures a dead-straight line through the center of the receiver, bolt, bullet and bore for unprecedented accuracy.

AllTerra Arms achieves this feat by using an EDM machine with an electrified wire to cut their hardened 416 stainless steel to the concentric center of the receiver and bolt lug with .0005” accuracy. It's a superior process compared to action makers who drill to remove center mass from their receivers.

After the EDM process, AllTerra Arms machining technology sculpts the receiver interior to consistent .0005” tolerances. The same precise concentricity goes into the C2's bolt fabrication. When it locks down to its bench-rest tolerance, it is in exact alignment with the C2 receiver and bore.

The Model C2 bolts also feature an exclusive firing pin design and spring technology that delivers faster lock times. This minimizes lost accuracy if a shooter happens to flinch upon squeezing the trigger.

As if Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ wasn't enough, the C2 also boasts guaranteed No-Fail Cycling™. With relaxed tolerances machined between the bolt and receiver during cycling, the C2 Action sends debris out of harm’s way, so it can’t jam the gun. Patented conical lugs then engage and lock into an elliptical raceway, so the surfaces literally “self-clean” themselves with every cycle.

"Rifles made with C2 Actions transform from fast-action field guns to precision bench-rest rifles the moment a hot cartridge is locked down," says Rice.

AllTerra Arms C2s are available in short and long actions. The magazine wells are cut for extended Wyatt and AICS magazines, and all receivers are drilled and tapped to accept any two-piece Remington 4, 6, 74, 7400 or 7600 base. Bolt bodies are deep-fluted and Nickel Boron coated, and the bolt handles are skeletonized and threaded for interchangeable bolt knobs.

Custom rifle builders can order their revolutionary C2 Actions at

AllTerra Arms is dedicated to providing shooters and hunters with patented rifle technology for unprecedented, guaranteed long-range accuracy and a premium shooting experience. Visit for complete details on all rifle models, specifications and to “Build Your Rifle.” For more information contact Mike Schwiebert, AllTerra Arms Chief Marketing Officer, at