Thursday, August 29, 2019

Badlands® Vario Modular Hunting Pack System Now Available for Order




West Jordan, UTAH – In the 25 years since we changed the way hunters looked at packs, the world of hunting has evolved. The modern hunter may be off for 14 days in elk camp this week and squeezing in a day hunt for whitetail next week. That’s why we built our new Vario Modular Hunting Pack System to be set up to suit your needs, from a quick day hunt to a deep backcountry journey.

This new cutting-edge modular pack system is now shipping and available at Badlands retailers across the country.

At the core of the Vario System is the frame, which is available in medium and large sizes. From there, building out your pack is a piece of cake. Versatile, rugged and unconditionally guaranteed forever cake.

The system is designed to keep the frame right up against your body, with a heavy-duty meatshelf between your gear and your back. This lets you access whatever you may need from your pack, while keeping the heaviest load close to the body and giving you the optimal center of gravity for effective load bearing. The load-lifter system also effectively transfers the bulk of the weight down through the internal frame onto your hips, saving you from shoulder fatigue.

The Vario Frame comes with the meatshelf accessory and Ultralight (UL) Batwing accessory included, or you can purchase the Vario 33 Kit with the mid-sized Vario 33 Pack already attached. From there, you can add and remove packs and accessories as needed.

Four pack options allow you to hit that Goldilocks zone for every hunting need.

  • Vario Day Pack

  • Vario 33 Pack (3,300 cubic inches)

  • Vario 50 Pack (5,000 cubic inches)

  • Vario 65 Pack (6,500 cubic inches)

In addition to the packs, Badlands also offers the Vario Deluxe Batwing, which is as cool as the name sounds. This accessory adds even more storage to the outsides of the pack without compromising balance and security.

The Vario Modular Hunting Pack System is available in our state-of-the-art Approach camo pattern, which means this outstanding pack system will blend in once in the field. Prices range from $349.99 up to $499.99.

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Now in its 25th year, Badlands continues to focus on exceptional quality, continuing innovation, unmatched performance and as always the only unconditional lifetime warranty in the industry.