Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Mountain Products Versa Cradle Micro Tune Bow Vise

Mount Joy, PA - October Mountain Products latest creation, the Versa Cradle Micro Tune bow vise, offers bow technicians the most accurate tuning with its micro-adjust capabilities. The Versa Cradle Micro Tune bow vise was designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of bow tuning. Pro Shop owners understand how important both of these factors are when servicing a high volume of bows. The Micro Tune bow vise is designed and made in the USA.

The Micro Tune bow vise allows users the ultimate level of tuning and adjustability. Simply macro adjust the bow into any position with the 360° locking-head ball design and cam-lock lever system. From there, micro-adjust thumb screws allow for advanced leveling of the first and second axes. The micro tune bow vise can accommodate any style bow, including compound bows, crossbows, longbows, and recurves.

The 3.5″ wide Santoprene, nonmarring limb pads can accommodate new wide limb bows as well as single or split limbs from older bow models. The vise allows for locking the bow in place at any angle providing the greatest amount of flexibility and angling to quickly and effectively tune or adjust your bow set up.

Versa-Cradle Micro-Tune Bow Vise retails for $359.99 and features:

- 360º locking-head ball

- Quick and easy Macro-adjust Cam-Lock lever system

- Micro-adjust thumb screws for first and second axis adjustment

- 3.5″ wide surface area designed to provide full capture on newer wide limb bows

- Accommodates most bows and crossbows

- Made in the USA

- Versa Cradle Bow Stand compatible (stand sold separately)

All Versa Cradle models pair with the Versa Cradle Bow Stand. When you are not able to bolt your bow vise in a fixed position the Versa Cradle Bow Stand offers the flexibility to relocate your bow vise without screws, clamps, or bolts. Mobile bow technicians can easily move or transport the bow vise in seconds.

The October Mountain Products Versa Cradle Micro Tune Bow Vise is built for serious bow technicians who need professional-grade tools to do the job right. Other Vera Cradle models are available that fit your desired budget and usage requirements.

For more information on the October Mountain Products Versa Cradle Micro Tune Bow Vise - visit their website at

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