Thursday, March 26, 2020

Nilodor Pet Brands is Recognized as the Authority in Odor Control and Pet Care Solutions for the Sport Dog

(Bolivar, Ohio) Nilodor, manufacturer of the most exceptional quality odor control and pet care products in both the commercial and family pet markets has been creating odor eliminating solutions since 1954. Not only are they committed to providing odor control and facility care solutions, but they’ve established the most trusted brands of pet care products for the outdoor, sport dog. Whether its grooming and care products for the dog you love or an odor control program for your pet care facility, Nilodor Pet Brands can help. See more on each of their brands below, and you’ll find they have a solution for hunters and sportsmen alike.

After decades of studying the pet markets, Nilodor recognized that the relationship between a hunter and their sport dog is unlike any other. They’re proud to have partnered with Mossy Oak to bring you a line of products for the active, sport dog. They offer the Mossy Oak Sporting Dog Shampoo that is specially formulated to be gentle to your dog’s skin while remaining effective in the removal of the dirt and unique aromas acquired in the outdoors. When more than a light shampoo is necessary, Nilodor offers Mossy Oak Xtreme Odor Dog Shampoo and Xtreme Odor Dog Spray. Both products are designed to be mild and non-irritating but do contain a surfactant that works in tandem with a powerful blend of essential oils to remove even the most persistent odors from your dog’s coat. The Mossy Oak Odor and Stain Eliminator is a fantastic tool for cleaning up organic stains such as urine, blood, and feces and can be used on everything from carpet to truck upholstery to bedding.

Their brand The Tough Stuff offers a line of products for the mischievous pet. We all know pets bring an abundance of love and companionship, but often times with that comes messes. Whether it’s an accident while housebreaking, difficult urine and odor stains you can’t get off your carpet, or even if your favorite furry friend gets sprayed by a skunk, Tough Stuff provides product for any scenario to completely rid your home or facility from odors or stains. They’ll make your life easier and your rascally fur friend even more lovable.

With so many pet solutions for so many different needs, Nilodor Pet Brands have been regarded as the authority in odor eliminating technology and pet care solutions. For more information, orders, or inquiries about any of their brands or products, please contact National Sales Manager, Jamie Thomas at or please visit For press inquiries, please contact Brittany Maki at

About Nilodor

Since 1954, Nilodor has been recognized as the expert in odor eliminating and cleaning applications in many markets. As a trusted USA manufacturer, we use our proprietary technology to achieve continual proven performance. Fulfilling our customers’ needs with quality odor eliminating solutions will always be our goal.

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