Thursday, September 17, 2020

VEIL™ Camo Launches 2020 Campaign “UnVEIL Your Chaos”

Wichita, KS – Veil™ Camo, the leader in camouflage innovations, is excited to announce the “UnVeil your Chaos” campaign.

Veil Camo has stormed the industry with unique camouflaged patterns and its superior concealment for hunting, tactical, and fishing applications. We disrupt how patterns have been thought about and how they have been worn by bringing a new perspective with a scientific approach to effective concealment.

The new Chaos campaign supports Veil’s partnership with the top retailers and brands in the hunting and fishing industry by creating exclusivity and identity to each partner. Look for the “UnVeil your Chaos” campaign with Veil partner’s Sportsman’s Warehouse, Academy Sports, Scheel’s Outdoors, Simms Fishing and Prois women’s Hunting.

Chaos is all around us. Everyone experiences some type of chaos in their life. It is how we perceive that chaos that makes us unique. By combining fact-based research with chaos theory and fractal mathematics, Veil develops patterns that both blend with specific environments and disrupts depth perception. Veil urges us to embrace our chaos. Look at it differently, take it on as a challenge to learn and develop!

With exclusivity among categories, Veil™ Camo offers performance-proven distinction for companies looking to separate their quality products from competitive brands. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil™ Camo, 225.223.8110, or