Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Montpelier Angler Sets Another State Record Tiger Trout

Congratulations to Austin Christensen of Montpelier, Idaho on setting the latest Idaho state record fish for certified weight. He was fishing Montpelier Reservoir on June 1st, when he hooked and landed a large tiger trout. At 27.25 inches long, Austin thought he just might have a chance at a record fish. The fish weighed 9.13 pounds on a certified scale, beating the previous record by over 3/4 pound. The previous state record tiger trout of 8.3 pounds set by Tyson Lutz - another Montpelier local angler - had only been caught weeks before on May 17th from the same lake.

Tiger trout are a hybrid cross between brook trout and brown trout. They were introduced to Montpelier Reservoir in 2016 and can be found in a few select places across Idaho. You can find stocking information using the Idaho Fishing Planner and learn more about state records fish here.