Thursday, October 1, 2020

Oct. Shooting Industry Reveals It’s Not Just Firearms Sales Setting Records

It’s like Black Friday, every day,” reports Ace Sporting Goods’ Ben Romanoff of the rampant handgun sales at his Washington, Pa. store amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest. October’s Shooting Industry examines what many retailers across the country are experiencing — and how it’s not just handguns flying off the shelves this year. Knife sales are also on a steady rise as revealed in Ken Perrotte’s feature “Knife Retailing In 2020: A Sharp Investment.”

The events of 2020 have created somewhat of a perfect storm for yet another popular firearm segment: Hunting and sporting shotguns. Ashley McGee offers ways to help attract and retain these customers, including taking a look at the shotgun price points offered, incorporating value-added services like gunsmithing and cleaning and identifying ways to utilize technology to reach more existing and prospective hunters.

An additional feature in the October issue focuses on a category poised to rise for recoil-sensitive and novice archers. Carolee Anita Boyles’ “Crossbow Appeal” illustrates how the fast, efficient and easy to use systems are gaining traction among bowhunters, older sportsmen and women and those looking for extended hunting seasons (where states allow).

The growing number of CCW users warrants discussion on pocket guns and holsters. Massad Ayoob advises dealers share the subtle secrets of efficient pocket carry for better-protected customers, and more sales, in this month’s Personal Defense Market installment. Marketing with video has erupted in popularity and it’s up to savvy business owners to use the tools in-hand, literally, to create effective messaging. Mark Kakkuri’s “V-I-D-E-O Marketing Tips” are outlined in the Everyday Marketing column.

With millions of first-time gun owners across the country, Deb Ferns advocates being part of the “domino effect” by teaching someone a new skill and encouraging them to pursue the next step in the shooting sports. In Arms & The Woman she notes, “How successful we are now, as an industry, will pay dividends later.” Editor Jade Moldae discuses the merit of turning interest into votes in time for Election Day in Industry Link. With so much at stake Nov. 3, it’s important to encourage voter participation during what has become an unprecedented time for the firearms industry. has a new look! Log on to discover a rebranded site designed for an enhanced user experience with easy-to-navigate topics, mobile-friendly features, new products, online exclusives, news and information and digital versions of every issue. Join the conversation anytime: Send the SI team an email at