Tuesday, November 19, 2019

ONYX Powered By Steambow


Cleveland, OH - The ONYX powered by Steambow is part of the next generation of crossbows and is now available exclusively at Air Venturi. Not only is it the perfect combination of speed, power, ergonomics, and a seriously powerful hunting crossbow, it is collapsible and offers the revolutionary One-Push Cocking (OPC). The ONYX is the industry’s only OPC Crossbow!

Similar to other Steambow products, the ONYX is powered by compressed air in a refillable tank, allowing for a very rapid rate of fire and almost completely silent operation. Automatically cock and decock the crossbow with the push of a single button for increased safety and convenience. No shooting, pulling or cranking necessary, for minimal effort when you need it the most. Cock the ONYX immediately before shooting with the exclusive OPC. Done hunting and need to safely decock? Press the same button for a smooth and quiet let down.

The draw weight with manual cocking (not using the external power source) is 225 lbs, while the draw weight with OPC is basically zero. The ONYX has a power stroke of 15.25”, weighs a total of 7.5 lbs, and is 28.5” to 31.5” long with a collapsible buttstock. Your arrows will fly at a speed of 330 FPS. For dealer inquiries contact dealers@airventuri.com or dial (216) 292-2570. For more information, visit Steambow.

About Steambow

Steambow was established by innovator, an engineer at heart and founder, Gerald Missbach. A “Steambow” shoots and behaves like a crossbow, uses the same limbs, strings and bolts. Similarly to a conventional crossbow, all the energy is stored inside the limbs prior to firing, but it is cocked with a pneumatic cocking device with the push of a button. This “PowerUnit” is operated by high-pressure-air or CO2 – just like a PCP air rifle or paintball gun. If you run out of air you can still manually cock the Steambow just like any other crossbow. The Steambow system is very robust, easy to use and basically maintenance-free. It allows for safe and convenient cocking and de-cocking in any position. The high rate-of-fire of a Steambow might not be the most important feature for an experienced hunter, but it still eases your mind with a very quick follow-up shot at hand. What might impress the seasoned hunter is the very compact size when you collapse the limbs to the stock, making it easy and convenient to store or carry.