Thursday, August 4, 2022

Nilodor’s Health and Wellness Line Offers Comprehensive Protection Solution for Dogs in Hotter Temperatures

(Bolivar, Ohio) Nilodor, manufacturer of the most exceptional quality odor control and pet care products in both the commercial and family pet markets is proud to offer a selection of products that provide a complete solution to keep your dogs healthy, happy, and thriving throughout the summer. Nilodor’s NATURAL TOUCH® Furshield™ Sun Spray, Nose and Paw Serum, and Electrolyte Replacement are exactly the products your dog needs to feel great during the warmest months of the year.

Nilodor, has built its reputation on providing its valued customers with the safest and most effective health and wellness products for over a decade, and they are continuously adding products to the strong line in order to sustain market dominance and fulfill customer requests. These products are a function of extensive market research and anticipating consumer needs.

Nilodor’s NATURAL TOUCH® Health & Wellness Furshield™ Sun Spray shields your dog whenever outdoors. This gentle, non-greasy formula that won’t leave residue was developed especially for dogs to protect and nourish the coat. With zero harmful chemicals and no zinc oxide, the sun spray is a great protectant for all dogs and cats.

Nilodor’s Nose & Paw Serum uses plant-based ingredients of Abyssinian oil, bamboo, and kale extract to replenish moisture and repair damage to cracked skin. This vitamin enriched, fast working formula penetrates deep into the skin to protect and revitalize painful skin ailments. It’s perfect to use in hot summer conditions where paws and noses can dry out.

Nilodor’s Electrolyte Replacement uses electrolytes and minerals to maintain well balanced hydration levels and replace electrolytes lost due to illness, high activity levels, and heat conditions. This is a perfect option for use with pets training in agility & hunting.

All of these products are proudly biodegradable, and Children, Pet, and Earth Friendly and comes in a fresh, pleasing scent. All of Nilodor’s NATURAL TOUCH Health and Wellness products are available online or in finer pet and sporting goods stores nationwide. With so many pet solutions for so many different needs, Nilodor Pet Brands have been regarded as the authority in odor eliminating technology and pet wellness solutions. For more information, orders, or inquiries about any of their brands or products, please contact Director of Marketing, Todd Slauser at or Marcie Pryor at You may also visit For press inquiries, please contact Brittany Maki at

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Since 1954, Nilodor has been recognized as the expert in odor eliminating and cleaning applications in many markets. As a trusted USA manufacturer, we use our proprietary technology to achieve continual proven performance. Fulfilling our customers’ needs with quality odor eliminating solutions will always be our goal.

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