Thursday, April 16, 2020

MidwayUSA Foundation Offers Glock 44 to Assist Fundraising Efforts

Columbia, MO – The MidwayUSA Foundation is excited to announce that participating shooting teams and organizations can now register and receive the Glock 44 for their fundraisers. A feature in The Shooting Wire's March 9th issue read, "the most-panned new gun introduction to the 2020 production year was the Glock 44, a Glock19-format pistol chambered in 22 LR. Featuring a pair of 10-shot magazines, adjustable ball-in-the-bucket GLOCK sights, and a trigger and operating system just like the Gen5 Glock pistol line..." This firearm is great for action shooting, and recreation shooting with the pistol being lighter and having backstraps for hand-size adjustment.

All youth shooting programs that have a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment can utilize quality products, like the Glock 44, to grow that endowment. These fundraising products are free of charge and recipients can conduct any type of fundraiser they wish. Proceeds generated and donated to an endowment at the MidwayUSA Foundation are matched (see current matching details) and teams can keep additional proceeds to use for current expenses. This program allows youth shooting programs of all sizes to raise funds to benefit them now and in the future. The type and quantity of available items does vary.

The MidwayUSA Foundation is striving to add a variety of products to its currently successful program. In addition to the Glock 44, new product additions include, a 40qt Orca Cooler, Browning Citori CX, a Henry 45-70 Case Hunting Knife Combo, and more. Visit the Foundation's Fundraising Products Page at to see all the exceptional items they provide to assist youth shooting teams. If you have any questions about fundraising products, you can contact the MidwayUSA Foundation at

The MidwayUSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to sustain and grow the shooting sports industry by providing long-term funding to youth shooting teams. Every donation made is tax-deductible and allows the Foundation to assist in expanding and enhancing the leadership skills, confidence, and discipline of today's youth through shooting sports activities. The Foundation supports all shooting disciplines. For more information about how the MidwayUSA Foundation is changing the future of youth shooting sports, please or call 1-877-375-4570.

Contact: Dani Farris