Wednesday, April 5, 2023

DC Project on Hand for Florida Signing of Permitless Carry Law

On Monday, April 3, 2023, members of the DC Project: Women for Gun Rights, were invited by Governor Ron DeSantis to witness the signing of permitless concealed carry into law for Floridians.

Our Founder Dianna Muller and other DC Project members provided testimony at the Florida Capitol on multiple occasions in recent months, outlining the benefits of permitless carry for individual personal safety and the need for removing monetary barriers and training requirements for responsible firearms owners.

The signature "Educate not Legislate" teal shirts, along with insightful testimony, caught the eye and ears of Governor DeSantis, causing him to extend a gracious invitation to witness this monumental step for Florida's gun owners.

This is the action many have been craving and women are speaking up to have every opportunity available to protect themselves. The DC Project is proud to stand by legislators and Governor DeSantis as they remove restrictions on Floridians having access to the best means of self-protection. The DC Project applauds the gun rights groups, legislators, and the Governor who have all been instrumental in this meaningful step towards Constitutional Carry. Florida State Director Shirley Watral, a survivor of domestic violence, comments “rights aren’t just for those who can afford it.”

The DC Project celebrates this victory, but we urge gun owners to continue fighting the push for gun control and be bold in opposition to the mainstream narrative of gun owners. It is critical that everyone in the firearms community steps up to be positive influences and educational assets to their friends, family, community, and legislators.

The DC Project is a nationwide organization of women, committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. Learn more here or follow them on social media:


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