Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Christensen Arms QUEST “Precision Hunter Training” Event

Exclusive Christensen Arms QUEST™

“Precision Hunter Training” Event in Partnership with FTW Ranch and Swarovski

Gunnison, Utah – Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and custom carbon fiber barrels, is pleased to announce – the ultimate VIP Precision Hunter Training Event. Christensen Arms QUEST, in partnership with FTW Ranch and Swarovski Optik, offers shooters and hunters alike the opportunity to improve their marksmanship skills in actual field conditions during the 3-night/2-day event.

Christensen Arms QUEST will take place on March 23rd to 26th at the famous FTW Ranch in Barksdale, Texas. Here, FTW Ranch instructors will help improve participant’s shooting and/or hunting skills in realistic situations. Shooters and hunters will come away with a better understanding on what effects environmental and terrain conditions have on ballistics of their ammunition which impacts accuracy and shot placement. From this, participants will learn how to compensate for those effects on the FTW Ranch’s diverse number of shooting range configurations. The unique range setups are situated throughout the 12,500 acre FTW Ranch and simulate the types of hunting pressures covering mountainous terrain, valleys, ever-changing wind directions and more that may be encountered when hunting and precision shooting throughout the world.

Participants will receive training from the FTW Ranch instructors which include former Special Ops Instructors along with individuals having decades of worldwide hunting and marksmanship experience. The Christensen Arms QUEST event also includes the unique opportunity for participants to build their perfect precision hunting setup which includes a choice of a select assortment of Christensen Arms rifles and Swarovski Optik riflescopes.

This exclusive once-in-a-lifetime event is limited to just 11 participants, so be sure to visit: http://www.christensenarms.com/quest for much more information and to reserve your place.

To learn more about the complete product offerings from Christensen Arms, please visit www.christensenarms.com or follow us on social media @christensensarms.

About Christensen Arms

Established in 1995, Christensen Arms is focused on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes into production - resulting in some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe. Always made in America, from the first prototype to the state-of-art current production models.

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