Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Zanders Offers Exclusive CVA CASCADE Rifles in 350 Legend & .450 Bushmaster

Zanders, a national distributor located in Sparta, Illinois, is proud to announce an exclusive CVA CASCADE rifle in a 350 Legend caliber and .450 Bushmaster. Both will be offered in a Bronze Cerakote® and Realtree Excape™ camo pattern. These CVA rifles will also come with a cartridge limiter magazine for IL compliance.

The CVA CASCADE rifle comes with many features which include a 4140 carbon steel threaded barrel 5/8x24” and is finished in Cerakote® burnt bronze metal finish.

The bolt design incorporates a 70° throw for smooth and fast operation, plus generous scope clearance. The two-position safety is conveniently located for natural and instantaneous operation. And loading the rifle is a breeze with its four-round, flush-fit, detachable magazine (extra magazines available from CVA).

The stock is fiber-glass reinforced and has a SoftTouch finish, for easy gripping, even in the harshest weather conditions. The buttstock has adjustable length of pull by way of a removable spacer – making the CASCADE™ an ideal gun for still growing youths, small-statured adults, or even the full-sized hunter who wants to shorten his stock to accommodate heavy winter clothing. The rifle also comes with dual front swivel studs, which allow for the use of both a sling and a bi-pod at the same time.

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“Every year, new products are launched, and new ideas are conceptualized at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas. This past Shot Show was no different for CVA and our great partners at Zanders Sporting Goods. During the meeting, our Buyer Darell Seibold, informed CVA that the state of Illinois passed a law allowing hunters to use single-shot rifles chambered in straight-wall calibers during the historic muzzleloader and shotgun seasons. After further investigation, this new law not only included break-action single shot rifles, but it also included bolt action rifles with either no magazine or an altered magazine containing no live ammunition. Once we heard this news, the CVA team immediately went to work, and developed our own cartridge limiter magazine for the CVA Cascade rifle. The new cartridge limiter magazine has a zero capacity, and when installed in the Cascade, is legal during the Illinois firearm season and provides a loading shelf for easy chambering. Both the detachable cartridge limiter magazine and the standard magazine, will be included with Zanders’ CVA exclusive Cascade rifle chambered in both 350 Legend and 450 Bushmaster, decorated in Realtree® Excape™ and Cerakote® Burnt Bronze. The CVA team is extremely excited to bring this exclusive and feature packed rifle to the market with Zander’s. Providing consumers flexibility to hunt various states and seasons, all while using a legal means of taking during the Illinois firearm seasons.” – Jason Sebo – VP of Sales & Brand Manager, CVA Division.

“CVA is well known for their craftsmanship, attention to detail and supreme quality as a gun manufacture. These CVA CASCADE rifles are no exception and have been well received already. We know these guns will be in high demand this fall and we are excited to have worked with the team at CVA to bring these exclusive offerings to our dealers.” said Danny Siegler, Zanders Director of Marketing and Procurement.

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