Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Easton Match Grade Field Points—Now Available

With a reputation for arrow accuracy, Easton is introducing its new line of Match Grade field points, designed for high-level archery practice. Every attention to detail has been infused into a product that every archer needs. The Match Grade Point shape replicates high-ballistic coefficient bullets with an elongated tangent ogive that enhances accuracy long-range shooting while also offering easier extraction from targets. Constructed from 416 stainless-steel, with a dark polished nickel finish, the Match Grade points have an oversized profile that improves arrow flight and minimizes arrow wear. The 8-32 threaded points come in five popular diameters in 100 and 125-grain weights with the 11/32 diameter size offering the additional option of 150-grains.

For more information visit www.eastonarchery.com