Thursday, May 16, 2019

Reno Cerakote Launches New Website

RENO, NV – Reno Cerakote, the Nation’s premiere high-volume Cerakote applicator, has just announced the launch of their new website

Since last year Reno Cerakote has been working towards rebranding the company. Reno Cerakote launched a new logo just prior to 2019 SHOT show, and now they’ve launched their new website. “We’re very excited about the rebranding, especially the focus on our most important assets, our employees. We can’t wait for our existing and new customers to see the site,” said Mike Orms, Director of Operations at Reno Cerakote. The site is designed to look cutting edge and showcase the technology that Reno Cerakote possesses and the quality coating application they provide.

“When creating the site, we wanted a sleek and minimalist appearance in order to let the imagery of the Cerakote, Laser Imaging and Hydrographic work be the main focus,” said Cassidy Blanton, Marketing Coordinator at Reno Cerakote. The site includes photos and videos showcasing finished products, products in production, robotics, the supercell production line as well as the staff.

The website was created to be user friendly with an intuitive page design that helps viewers be able to navigate the site with ease. The goal was to make it a pleasant experience for users to come to the site and obtain the information they’re looking for, without having to hunt for it.

The site is geared towards obtaining new clients as well as giving current clients a sense of pride that they work with a quality Cerakote applicator. Eventually the website will be integrated with the company’s business software, Netsuite, so clients can track where their products are in the production process.

The website was built my Michael Gardner at Grind Creative in Reno, NV.

Our Mission

To provide premiere coating application through the use of cutting-edge technology, with quality as our highest priority.

About Reno Cerakote.

Reno Cerakote was established in 2015. What started out as a single man operation has quickly grown into a full-scale production facility that possesses three robotic applicators and employees over forty people. We attribute our success to the excellent quality we provide our customers. At Reno Cerakote quality isn’t just a word, “Quality is Our Brand.” Our employees and top of the line technology are the reason we’re the Cerakote center of excellence.

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