Monday, November 5, 2018

The Tactical Games Prepares for Melee in Meridian

Meridian MS- The Tactical Games is coming to Meridian Mississippi this February. The Tactical Games, LLC. has partnered with the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility and will host the third EVER Tactical Games event, the weekend of February 23-24th. The Tactical Games has been described as “Crossfit meets Combat”, an event that tests, trains, and highlights the skill sets and athleticism of Operational Athletes such as SWAT Officers, Police Officers, Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marines, and Competitive Civilian Shooters.

If climbing obstacles, running while wearing combat gear, carrying heavy things, and shooting from unconventional positions excites you, then The Tactical Games will cause your heart to explode! This is Crossfit-meets-Combat! And we are turning combat into a spectator sport!

Based on a highly secretive event hosted by NATO Tier 1 units, The Tactical Games is designed to test operational athletes throughout the continuum of combat related tasks, while under time constraints, and under physical duress. It is one thing to shoot a target with a pistol at 50 yards. It is quite different and exponentially more difficult, to shoot a target with a pistol at 50 yards after running a mile, dragging a 95lb sled for a distance, carrying a Husafel Stone, climbing a rope, and then shooting accurately with a heart rate over 150 beats per minute.

Being able to shoot is not enough to win. A tactical athlete will be required above all to THINK, and balance mental and physical fitness with shooting to win the title of the Most Dangerous Man/Woman in the World.

There is free admission for spectators. Behind the shooting and grueling athleticism is a family friendly atmosphere with vendors showing and selling their merchandise. Food will be available by Smokehouse Bayou on-site, as well as at all the restaurants and hotels in the Meridian area. Plan to attend the event February 23-24th, and watch these amazing athletes battle for the title of Most Dangerous Man/woman in the World!

Point of Contact for this memo is: Tim Burke Founder/CEO of The Tactical Games,,, 661-860-5934