Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Worldwide Trophy Adventures Purchases Balam Outfitters

As owner and chairman of Worldwide Trophy Adventures, I’ve had the opportunity to hunt with Balam Outfitters in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and become familiar with their exceptional operation. During my first hunt in the spring of 2015, I fell in love with the region, local culture and the overall experience of the hunt. Since then, I have returned three times with friends, family and clients, simply because the Balam experience is always memorable. Their hunting adventure is one of total immersion in the jungle, with multiple opportunities at birds and game animals waiting around each and every bend of a two-track “road” or jungle trail.

It was my love of the Yucatan jungle, and admiration of the people I met there, that led to WTA acquiring Balam Outfitters. Balam Outfitters has been operating in the jungles of Campeche for more than 25 years and were the first in the area to offer hunts for ocellated turkeys and other jungle animals and birds. They have the best leases to hunt within the true Campeche jungle, unlike other operations that hunt fields just out of the jungle or on the jungle edges.

Unfortunately, this jungle is threatened. Those of us on the outside know very little about the loss of the wild Yucatán jungles which goes on every day. There is virtually no press coverage of the continuing destruction and shrinking the jungle. The reason for this destruction is simple. The most valuable resource in the jungles are the trees and these trees are being illegally harvested. During this illegal tree-cutting, serious, long-lasting (if not permanent) damage is done to the jungle by the creation of roads ripped through the undergrowth to facilitate this well-organized destruction. In addition, subsistence farmers continue to burn away at the jungle edges to create more farmland, further decreasing the size of the jungle. What can we at WTA do to slow down or eliminate this jungle habitat destruction? By promoting hunting in the jungle, we provide value to the jungle animals which then allows us to protect the precious jungles they live in. The fight to preserve this portion of the Yucatan jungle was a major factor in our decision to purchase Balam Outfitters. We want to be on the front lines of protecting the valuable habitat needed for the survival of jungle birds and animals, not just now but for generations to come.

One of the truly amazing things about hunting the jungle with Balam Outfitters is the base price is only $2,500, which includes five days of hunting; transportation in and out of the jungle; and one ocellated turkey. Our unique jungle-hunting experience is, hands down, a great deal! Compare our trip to a normal two-day turkey hunt in North America and you’ll see why a hunt with Balam Outfitters should be on your bucket list.

WTA’s past clients know we research and stand behind each and every trip we assist in organizing. We call this the WTA advantage; you know we stand up for you and we are there to assure you the best experience. We carry this same philosophy whether we host you at one of our affiliated outfitters or at one of our own WTA-owned operations. When you deal with WTA, we are there for you!

Right now we are booking for 2021 ocellated turkey hunts in the Yucatan with Balam Outfitters. If you want to join us or would like more information on hunting these highly sought-after turkeys and other jungle species, please contact the team at WTA. We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!

To talk to a consultant about booking this trip, call 1-800-346-8747

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If you are interested in learning more about Worldwide Trophy Adventures, please see: https://worldwidetrophyadventures.com/.

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