Friday, August 25, 2023

AmmoSquared Inc. Announces Launch of Mobile App

Nampa, Idaho — AmmoSquared Inc., a trailblazer in recurring ammunition purchases and offsite storage, has announced the launch of their new mobile web app. This new capability will provide users with the convenience of managing their growing ammunition assets on-the-go from the palm of their hand.

The new AmmoSquared mobile app is set to elevate the company's reach by offering its revolutionary approach to smart ammunition accumulation and secure storage in a user-friendly mobile format. It offers intuitive navigation and innovative features designed for effortless online purchase and management of ammunition assets, seamlessly extending the functionality of the AmmoSquared website.

"We're thrilled to advance our platform's capabilities," says AmmoSquared’s CTO Chris Corriveau. "Our commitment has always been to simplify and streamline ammunition ownership. With the launch of our new mobile app, we're taking a giant leap forward, putting the power of AmmoSquared directly into our customers' hands."

The AmmoSquared mobile application was developed in partnership with a premier third party developer. Users can easily download the web app by visiting their customer dashboard at and then installing the app from there. The installation process is simple and straightforward.

This app will not be available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In a conscious effort to maintain user privacy and freedom from censorship, AmmoSquared has strategically chosen to bypass traditional app stores like those managed by Google and Apple, which have been known to censor and block apps that do not comply with their terms of service including sale of ammunition.

Keeping the app in-house and user installed outside of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store ensures AmmoSquared customers will always have access to their ammunition assets and account information via the app regardless of big tech’s external bias and restrictions. This streamlined installation process places the web app right on our customers’ devices and reinforces AmmoSquared’s commitment to free speech and its ability to safeguard the rights of its community while delivering top-tier digital solutions.

About AmmoSquared Inc.

AmmoSquared is an industry-leading platform offering ammunition as a practical, tangible asset. With features designed for automatic inventory replenishment, secure offsite storage, and a user-friendly platform, AmmoSquared allows users to manage their ammunition assets effortlessly. By offering a hedge against inflation and disaster preparedness solutions, AmmoSquared is revolutionizing the standards in ammo asset management. For more information, visit

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