Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Urge Media Announces Acquisition by Tamarack Outdoors

Urge Media is excited to announce its acquisition by Tamarack Outdoors, LLC! With Steven Bailey taking sole ownership as of August 28, 2022, the agency has relocated to Kentucky. Steven brings 25+ years of outdoor industry experience to the Urge brand. In celebration of this exciting new chapter, Steven has begun the process of rebranding and has expanded Urge’s highly diverse and powerful portfolio of media partnerships and technical developments.

Established in 1999, Urge Media has built a reputation for excellence in TV advertising. Despite the ever-evolving media landscape, TV marketing remains relevant and effective, particularly in the outdoor industry. Through years of working with the top TV producers among all the outdoor networks and R&D, Urge has crafted a proprietary asset allocation system. The system integrates detailed reports of clients TV deliverables with day-part placements. This technology allows for better TV ROI tracking and transparency, unlike Urge has ever offered before.

Urge’s very own TV Program, Quick Hunts, has reached booming success with viewership results that would rivel any Outdoor TV program. Still, Urge is not to settle there, stay tuned for a complete restructuring of Quick Hunts to come. Most exciting of all is Quick Hunts is soon to become its own YouTube program; we expect this to better serve our viewers and Quick Hunts sponsors... Another case-in-point that the “New Urge” is moving at a great pace and quickly forming the tip of the spear in outdoor industry advertising.

In addition to a modern approach in TV advertising, Urge is also expanding their social and digital marketing platforms. By partnering with the top brands in the industry, we can deliver unparalleled audience and demographic relevance. Moreover, our teams are dedicated to performance and accuracy while measuring the success of our clients’ campaigns. Urge’s comprehensive reporting gives our teams the ability to identify strategic results and or need for strategic reaction.

In 2023, Urge is introducing even more diverse marketing services, including OTT, editorial content creation and placement, podcasts ad placement, YouTube advertising and sponsorships, email audience-capture campaigns and newsletters to nearly one million email addresses. Most important of all, Urge now offers a wide range of content creation services. Fresh content is critical for the success of any marketing campaign and we are proud to be a go-to source for asset creative solutions through photography, videography and UGC.

I invite you to learn more about our growing team and our innovative associate marketing group. Call or email today and become “Powered by Urge”!

Steven Bailey

President and CEO

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